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Heya! my name is Shruti Reddy. Welcome to The Gypsy Soul!

I’m a proud Indian who until this year had taken the conventional path of first graduating as an engineer and then getting a job . Tried my hand at consulting for a year.

But my soul craved for something more and free-spirited. That’s when I quit my job. I never wanted to do a 9-5 job. I don’t know about other things but one thing I was confident about when people asked me what I wanted to do in life and my answer would always be “To travel and experience different cultures”.

I’ve grown up studying in 10 different schools. That’s what happens when your father is in the Army and you keep moving to a new city or town every 1 to 2 years. I guess that’s how the travel bug caught me. I live for new experiences

I believe fresh is a noun, not a verb.
I believe in a little bit of routine with a whole lot of spontaneity.
I believe in the energy of limitless possibilities.
I believe in the ever glowing energy of the sun.
I believe in watching the sunrise from wherever you are in the world and admiring the greatest artist of all, Mother Earth.
I believe in the power of the mighty mountains.
I believe that life’s too short for shitty coffee and one cup is never enough.
I believe the week should always start with a sunrise and dance party and end with all day sunflower.
I believe in dreams but know that the hustle is sold separately.
I believe we are worthy of this journey and so are you… Always go, Gypsy Soul xx

That’s not it, there’s a corner of my heart that absolutely loves clothes and one more that cannot do without a day of yoga practice! You will see this side of me too @The Gypsy Soul.

So here I am, I’ve decided to spend my time traveling as much I can and explore the endless possibilities that the world has to offer. I truely believe that everyone around us has a story to tell, very different than ours!

I’m on a mission to explore every corner of India and also get to know every story around me.

Join me on my adventures through my blog!
Here’s where I’ll share with you all my travel experiences, trial and errors, and endless experiments with life!
Because I believe in the energy of limitless possibilities